Sure, you and your employees will enjoy the summer, lunch breaks in the fresh air, maybe you meet after work in the beer garden and let the day fade away.

And again this year it will be like always: Suddenly the year is over … and thus the opportunity has passed to put into action the good intention for a better or more intensive communication within the company.


For this year, plan a company party with a glass of Moselle wine on the banks of the Moselle – in our Paulaner Wirtshaus in Zur Lauben.

Even if time seems to fly, take your time: 

  • for a contemplative get-together with your colleagues and / or employees
  • for a small or big party to the financial statements … or as a starting signal for the new year
  • for delicious food in a cozy round
  • for a review of the year or a look into the new year

In our Paulaner Wirtshaus in Zur Lauben, we create the right ambience for your company party. And should it be too cool for the beer garden, our two-storey house offers enough space for parties with up to 230 people. Atmospheric, with hearty food, guaranteed freshly prepared from local produce.

We find the perfect setting for any Christmas celebration, Advent celebration, annual financial statement or New Year’s reception:

  • if you are a big or small group
  • whether the budget is a little more lush or less
  • whether a gala is planned in the Christmas spirit
  • whether a Santa Claus party starts with DJ

We have already started our planning … you too?

Get an appointment for a successful company party before others do it. It’s worth it:

  • You get your desired date
  • You receive

10% discount on your total bill, 

if you are up to



Fon: 0651/99 36 77 0

or send us your request via the form on this page.

P.S. … and should you privately still the suitable premises for your family celebration look – whether for wedding, birthday, Kindtaufe – in the Paulaner tavern in Zur Lauben your celebration, also from culinary view, to the success!